Some More Mum-Type Memories – Is Breakfast really so important?

Camping breakfastTo breakfast or not to breakfast – that is the question!

Travelling to work each day always gives me plenty of time to reminisce; I don’t do the driving and my husband is not a “morning person” so the car is usually very quiet.

Just the other morning I was thinking about holidays and I realised how much I miss camping. As a family of six camping was really the only thing we could afford but I never minded as I loved being outdoors.

It may well be that I remember these holidays with far more fondness than our four children (no doubt they will quickly put me right on this!) but I am sure they must also have some good memories of picnicing at Land’s End and fighting off the seagulls, or opening up the cheese sandwiches at Looe and popping hot, freshly cooked chips in between the cheese and bread!

Of course, when camping, the absolute best meal of the day was always breakfast. There is something really fabulous about sitting outdoors in the early morning waiting for the kettle to boil for your first cuppa as the sun (when we were lucky!) peeked shyly through the trees. Porridge has never tasted better!

Breakfast is considered by many nutritionists to be a very important meal “The most important of the day” and when you consider the very meaning (Breaking The Fast) it seems obvious why.

However, many people I have met (especially females) tell me that they really can’t face eating as soon as they wake up – so is this really so bad?

As we become far more aware of our own bodies’ requirements and modern thinking tells us to “listen” to what our body is telling us then maybe eating when you don’t feel hungry or inclined just because it is deemed important isn’t such a good thing after all?

Most of us are savvy enough these days to know just how many calories our body needs daily (even if we are regularly tempted to go over this – theme for another post I think!) so maybe when you consume these calories isn’t so crucial after all.

I fall into the “sometimes” category – sometimes I feel like breakfast and sometimes I don’t. I no longer worry about it, I eat when I want to and on those days when breakfast really doesn’t appeal I take a piece of fruit or a yoghurt to work and have that around mid-morning when I do, finally, feel the need to eat.

No two people are the same (my husband would be a quivering wreck by the time we got to work if he didn’t eat when he awoke!) so be yourself and really, really, “Listen to your body” It does know what is best for you!

Until next time! :)


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