Running, exercise and more protein required.

Running shoes

For a while now I had been talking about taking up running again. Various “reasons” (read excuses!) prevented me from actually getting out there – many of you will probably recognise some of them.

Not enough time on work-days, well I do already get up before six and we often don’t get home until after seven or even later.

We live near the top of a steep hill which means that whichever way I go it will involve running up hill eventually – quite a challenge for an out-of-condition 50-something to take on.

The wrong shoes,

No suitable clothes,

and, well, you get the picture.

Then my daughter was chosen to be an Ambassador for #ThisGirlCanSuffolka directive in Suffolk to get ladies off the couch and taking part in some form of physical activity – and she has been so determined I found myself somewhat humbled!

So, we were back in the UK a few weeks ago and an opportunity to call into a sport shop presented itself. My grand-daughter came with me and she chose me a lovely pair of purple (her favourite colour at the moment) running shoes and I bought some shorts and decent socks. My excuses were diminishing!

Back home I started looking at various websites offering advice about getting back into running and made a few mental notes regarding the “walk a bit, run a bit” method.

Finally, on a glorious Saturday morning, I decided to go for it! To try and combat the inevitable hill I walked for the first minute and a half up to the end of the housing where the countryside begins. Then I began my jogging (can’t really call it running yet!) I managed 6 and a bit minutes before I had to stop to get my breath, I continued in a similar vein until I had completed 30 minutes and was quietly pleased that I had achieved a little over 4 km.

I have been out 3 more times since (once at 5:45am on a work day!) the last yesterday morning and I am now managing 5 km in around 27 – 28 minutes – so a small improvement already.

A friend has since asked me to take part in the Málaga half-marathon early next year – now there’s a challenge! I have never run that distance before – but this is now my goal.

I better start working on my own high-protein meal plans – happy to share when I do.

Bye for now.



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