Preparation pays off, so glad I followed my own advice.

So, having told you all about how to preparation is key for your week-long healthy eating, this week I was so glad I had followed my own advice.

It has been one crazy week, what with working late, studying and, inevitably, socialising there has been very little time to spend in the kitchen.

Luckily I had spent time last Sunday prepping vegetables and fruit, making sure, as far as possible, that everything we had bought on our weekly shopping trip was ready to use quickly and easily.

All this preparation really did help as an at least three evenings this week we didn’t arrive home until after 9 o’clock which, even by Spanish standards, is a little late to be preparing a nutritious evening meal from scratch.

I admit that I had to revert to some previously frozen dishes to help proceedings along – some left over chick-pea curry was revamped with the addition of some fresh chopped chilli peppers (yes, from my little herb patch!) some onion and red peppers (all chopped and ready to go straight from the fridge) and a can of chopped tomatoes (a absolute must in any store cupboard!) And another evening a re-heat of frozen red-pepper, carrot and coriander soup went down very nicely with a couple a home-made oat-meal and bran rolls.

Aside from these two evenings I did also rustle a couple of quick suppers from scratch – jacket potatoes with home-made “baked beans” and some steamed rosada (a tender white fish popular here on the Costa del Sol) with a dill and tarragon sauce which we had with mixed vegetables and boiled potatoes and was ready in half an hour – thanks to all the vegetables being ready to cook.

Anyway it is Sunday again (I am always totally amazed by how quickly the week goes by) and it is almost time for me to spend an hour in the kitchen again – and this week I am really motivated as I know I have another week of chaos coming up.

I would love to hear from you about your preparation ideas and how they have saved you time in the kitchen – please comment below 😉

Bye for now.


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