Emotional eating, sad times and fresh starts

Emotional tissuesThe last few weeks have been emotional, chaotic and totally unplanned. The whole idea that different people react to traumatic or emotional events differently is widely documented. Some people “comfort” eat, some simply “forget” to eat and others just cannot face food.

I come into the “forget” to eat category – I am an erratic eater at the best of times – tending to only eat when hungry and not following the protocols so widely advocated by experts of eating regular meals or the “little but often” routine. This suits me fine, indeed I can go all day without a bite and still feel perfectly OK. After fifty-plus years on the planet it appears to have done me no harm so I see no reason to change now – maybe in the future my body will decide otherwise but for the time being I will stay as I am.

Others in my family, though, cannot cope with this, indeed, my husband suffers the “wobbles” if he doesn’t eat regularly or skips a meal. His blood sugar drops, he feels faint and unsteady on his feet – the only solution is to eat something and pretty darn quick. Depending on where we happen to be at the time this can be anything from a piece of bread to a chocolate bar – the main thing is to get some easily-processed carbohydrate into him.

So, simply “forgetting” to eat isn’t that strange for me but for others it can be problematic – diabetics, for example, need regular meals and skipping one or even leaving too late can cause dangerous drops in glucose levels.

Children and young adults, equally, need regular meals to ensure healthy growth patterns; teenage dieting should be strictly monitored by a qualified practitioner. Habits learned now are likely to last a lifetime so it is best to make them good ones.

Comfort-eating is probably the hardest reaction to control – turning to food when unhappy is never going to solve anything and overeating at any time is only ever going to cause more problems in the future. If this is your typical response to emotional turmoil then try to make a conscious effort to record everything that you eat (yes, everything!) Later, when the particularly stressful time has subsided a little review your food diary – hopefully this will shock you enough to avoid the same cycle next time.

Anyway, September has crept up on me, Summer is coming to an end and I have made an “Autumn resolution” to get more exercise now the weather is cooler! More about that another time – meanwhile back to some degree of normality and routine means I am back to my normal eating patterns now.

How do you react to bad news or stressful situations? Let me know in the comments – I also love to hear from you! 😉

Bye for now



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