Barbecues are not just for meat-eaters!

Vegetarian Barbecue

Great vegetarian bbq ideas

Barbecue parties do have a unique charm that cannot be compared with a party held indoors; people seem to be more relaxed, have more fun and there’s no denying eating outdoors increases the appetite! Traditionally, when you think “barbecue”, the first thought is burgers and sausages and your vegetarian bash need be no different in this respect. There are many great recipes for both readily available on the internet and, to get you started, this is one of my favourites.



  • 1 can beans (black beans work well or used mixed!)
  • ½ each of green and red pepper
  • 1 small onion
  • Teaspoon garlic puree
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon curry powder (mild, medium – how hot do you want to go?)
  • 1 teaspoon sweet chilli sauce
  • 100 grams breadcrumbs (wholegrain is best!)
  • 100 grams oats


  • Drain beans thoroughly then mash with a fork to make a paste. Blot with paper towel to remove as much liquid as possible.
  • Finely chop the onion and peppers, remove and blot this mixture too. Stir in the garlic paste then mix with the beans.
  • Mix the egg with the curry powder and sweet chilli sauce, add to beans and stir in breadcrumbs and oats.
  • Form into 4 burgers and refrigerate (if time permits, freeze and cook from frozen)

These are delicious with all the usual burger accompaniments; cheese slice, mayonaise, ketchup and crisp, fresh lettuce.

Another firm favourite (even with the meat-eaters!) are veggie kebabs. Try this and you’ll have them coming back again and again.

Marinate tofu cubes and/or vegetarian chicken in advance. (Maybe one spicy and one smoky barbecue flavour?)

Prepare a selection of ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, red onions, slices of orange peppers, mushrooms, peeled garlic cloves and chunks of courgette.

Have all the components ready to go and let your guests assemble their own skewers to suit their own preferences, this really adds to the party atmosphere and gives all your guests a chance to try out different flavour combinations.

No need to stop at burgers,sausages and kebabs though, make your barbecue really special with some of these ideas:

  • Corn on the cob – part-boil then drizzle with butter and wrap in foil – place around the edges of your bbq whilst you cook your burgers and sausages
  • Sweet potato – slice and drizzle with olive oil, place on grill and turn regularly.
  • Grill capsicums and then add toppings – the green ones work well with a good strong cheddar, the red with cottage cheese (the one with pineapple is particularly good!)
  • Grilled aubergine – serve with sour cream and fresh tarragon.
  • Baked potatoes – pre-cook then crisp up the skins on the grill – don’t forget to have the butter dish ready!

All that is left to make your next barbecue amazing is some chilled drinks, buns and a great mixed salad.

Happy barbecuing!

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