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Everyone should read this great book


It’s not often I read a non-fiction book I can’t put down but this great book is the exception. From the first few pages the information they are giving hits you right between the eyes! You find yourself wondering why it has taken so long for scientists to come to this realisation.

The authors explain in terms that are easy for us non-scientific types to understand and the information they give about improving your gut’s health is very clear. They offer advice on meal plans to improve the “friendly bacteria” in your stomach. They also suggest other methods for clearing up infections rather than resorting to antibiotics, which don’t just kill the infection but also destroy some of your microbiomes.

The moment when you start to really understand what they are saying and how it relates so much to you personally is the point at which I found it compelling. Who’d have thought that what goes on in your digestive system could influence every other part of your health and general well-being so much?

I definitely recommend this a must-read for all of you who take an interest in what you and your family eat and any of you who have digestive issues of any kind, including weight problems and diabetes.  So, to make it easy for you, I have linked up with Amazon so you can indulge yourselves and buy straight away! It is available as a paperback, audio book and there is a Kindle version too! (Just click on the picture at the top of this page and it’ll take you straight to Amazon)

Happy reading and I would love to get your feedback when you do read it.

Bye for now.

PS: Just so you are aware, if you do buy from the link on my website I will receive a small commission but the cost to you is not affected.

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Everyone should read this great book
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