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Please remember that we an affiliate store and are guiding you to particular retailers online that we recommend.   Therefore you will need to find out from the retailer about the shipping procedure before you buy.  Please note, we only recommend trusted retailers with an excellent track record.

Most retailers will dispatch items within 24 hours, however for more bulkier items, you are perhaps advised to call them, or look out for a delivery schedule to get an exact date of delivery.

Many retailers will have a customer service number at the top of their website, and  there will also be live chat facilities too.  If however you are unable to find these, then sending the retailer an email or a ticket will enable you to get a response from them.  Most will reply within hours.

Please check with the individual retailer before placing your order.

Each retailer has its own procedure for returning products so please be aware of this before you buy – many will enclose returns forms within the parcel when you buy it, and you will often be able to drop any product off at a local pickup point – or have it collected from an appropriate address.

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Yes! If you’d like to see particular retailer son our store then we’d love to hear your suggestions and would urge you to get in touch via our Contact page!

We would love to have more people helping out on our website, so please send your details to us via our Contact Page and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can

If you are a retailer and you’re looking to have your products featured on our website – then please get in touch with us.  Ideally you will have product images and a product data feed available, as this will help us considerably.

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